Monday, March 9, 2015

Outdoors on a fine Saturday

I went with my friend Chelsea out to a nearby canyon that my friend Brian has dubbed "Cardiac Ridge", located at 37.665152, -113.048544

The trail is about a 30° incline in many places, and sometimes more severe. The snow from last week remains thick on the trail, which is generally shielded on its south side by a ridge; so it has a mild refrigerating effect that has kept the snow intact. We rolled snowballs down the hill, and passed children sledding towards the bottom. The snow is still just barely dry enough to be a big hindrance to regular walking, and I get about double the workout in much less time than usual. It is really, really fun, and satisfyingly exhausting. Thick synthetic fur boots have made a HUGE difference in keeping my feet warm and mobile. Also, making sure I wore nylon or polyester pants ensures rapid drying. As these have formed a pretty good seal, I didn't even worry about wearing wool socks.
Moreover, the day ended with a visit to some friends who had a dog that is quite possibly the most endearing Pomeranian mix I have ever encountered.

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